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LogSys is more than just a software that simplifies the work of conference organizers and helps participants by ensuring fast processes.


The service features apply to all phases of an event, ranging from the application for an accredited certification to the data management and archiving for the statutory period of time.




LogSys Service


Ordered chronologically, LogSys offers the following services:

Applying for certificates
Training events are registered at appropriate offices and institutions (i.e. Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Medical Council, educational organizations) to receive credits and CME points (Continuing Medical Education) for your event.

Planning of human resources and technical equipment
Corresponding to the character of the event, we plan and organize the required personnel and equipment as well as the necessary infrastructure. Based on our experiences, we guarantee an efficient and economical deployment of staff and use of technology as well as full transparency of costs in the first stages of the event.

Software customization
LogSys is not a standard application.
Processes and activities that are specific for the event are implemented in the functionality of LogSys to meet the demands of each event. The aim is to reach a maximum of efficiency and the automation of all processes. Adjustments range from the design of certificates to reorganizing the structure of the database. LogSys offers maximum flexibility.

On-site operation
All resources will be provided at the event. Reliable equipment is as important as friendly and competent staff. All processes will be accompanied professionally - from the logging and recording of attendances to the issuing of certificates.

After the event, the offered services include the generation of certificates, the sending of the recorded logs to the certification authority as well as the secure data archiving in compliance to legal specifications.

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